People Who Read
California Boomer: Keeper of the Story
Give Their Reviews

“I really enjoyed your book. Thank you for letting me read it!”
Susan Fonda Brewer (Mother of Bridget Fonda)

“Scary, weird, wonderful and touching.”

Steve Martin: California

“Important Americana”

Dr. Lemgren: New York/New York

“Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring story.”

M. Hicks: Bank of America: California

“Precious work!”

John: Delaware

“Thank you for sharing your soul, I’m honored. Great book”

Pete R: Detroit, MI

“You owe me a big box of kleenex.”
July P. Clinical Psychologist

“Ö.urban sociology, biography, and heart, real stuff.”
Janet Peters: TX

“I just finished your book, it was wonderful. I will read it again and again. Your words speak for people everywhere.”
Stephanie Wipple: Vienna, Austria

Hi Don,
I finished your book Saturday morning and I have to tell you it was really incredible. I cried and I wasn't even sure exactly what I was crying about! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it but your sensitivity and honesty were the things I was so awed by. I don't think I could ever express myself that way. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I hope that we can meet before you head back to CA. I have recommended it to all my friends.
Judy - Virginia

California Boomer: Keeper of the Story has been reviewed by people from many backgrounds and lifestyles. Together they all say that Boomer is a book worth buying. You can pick Boomer up with ease, read a few stories and return later without any loss of meaning or interest. If you don't find California Boomer a good read, return it for a full refund!